I told you in my last post how Matt’s addiction started with him taking his roommate’s Adderall to try to improve his grades. It worked, and we even thought that maybe the reason Matt hadn’t done well in school for so long was that he really had ADD and needed the Adderall.

So Matty went to the doctor to see if he could get diagnosed with ADD and get his own prescription. He answered all the questions the doctor asked honestly, and it turns out that Matty did not have ADD after all. He was just enjoying the high that Adderall gives to people who don’t actually need it. ADD meds have a calming effect on people who actually need it. If you take medicine for ADD when you don’t really have a problem, it has the opposite effect and boosts energy, which is what Matty was experiencing.

Matt told me all this stuff as it was happening. What he didn’t tell me is what he did next. He liked the Adderall so much and thought it was helping him, so he was determined to get more of it. He went to another doctor and did some research beforehand to figure out what to say to get his own prescription. He lied to the doctor and was able to get his own pills.

This worked for a while, but Matt found he needed to take more and more pills to get the same high. He kept buying extra pills from his roommate, and when his roommate wouldn’t sell him anymore, he started stealing them.

The roommate found out and reported Matt to the university, and Matt was expelled. By this time, Matt was already completely addicted to Adderall and was more worried about getting his hands on more pills than about getting kicked out of school.

I should have seen that Matt was in serious trouble. Maybe if I’d intervened at this point he wouldn’t have turned to harder drugs. My parents were livid that Matty got expelled, but they didn’t realize the severity of Matt’s issues. I was around him more and had a better idea of what was going on.

Keep reading to see how Matt progressed from prescription medication to street drugs.