In my last post, I explained how Matt got kicked out of university for stealing his roommate’s Adderall, even though he had lied to a doctor to get his own prescription.

At this point, Matt didn’t know what to do, but all he cared about was making sure he had enough Adderall.

After getting expelled, he moved back in with our parents briefly. That didn’t last long though, and I’m sure at least partly because he knew he couldn’t hide his addiction while living with them. Our parents wanted him to apply to other universities, but Matt said he was going to start working instead.

And that’s exactly what he did. Within a week of moving home, Matt was moving back out again, and in with a guy he said he met online looking for a roommate. This was true to an extent, but we found out later that Matt had met the guy while looking to score drugs, and the guy offered to let Matt live with him if Matt helped him sell drugs.

The drugs he was selling were not prescription meds. The guy Matt lived with cooked meth out of his basement and sold it. Meth is a stimulant drug like Adderall, except it, has no medical use and is illegal. Matt must have decided that Adderall wasn’t doing it for him anymore, and if he was going to be selling meth, he might as well try it too.

This is when the really big changes happened. Matt has already been acting weird, but when he started doing meth, he became a totally different person.

I knew something was seriously wrong when I first visited Matt at his new place that he shared with the meth cooker, although I didn’t know that’s what he did at the time.

I showed up unexpectedly and Matt was not happy about it. I asked where his roommate was and Matt said he was in the basement and not to bother him. I noticed a weird, chemical smell in the air, but when I asked Matt what it was he said his roommate was a science student and was probably working on an experiment downstairs.

Keep reading to learn the changes in Matt I saw that day, and after.