We are always on the look-out for people to join our team of reviewers. If you feel you can make a regular, or even occasional, quality contribution of reviews please fill out this form.

We need to see a sample of your work, too (note that typically our reviews are a minimum of 400 words). If you can show us multiple reviews, that’s great!

As a reviewer, we may be able to get you review copies of books that match your tastes – but we can’t promise (it depends on your preferences and on your location). We don’t limit you to reviewing new books, and we won’t tell you what to review – you can review pretty much anything that takes your fancy.

If we, and you, feel happy that you would make a good reviewer then we can work out the rest of the details from there.

  • If you've never written reviews before, you need to write a review of something you've read recently to include with your application.
  • If you want to supply any examples as Word files / PDFs attach here