What Fresh Lunacy is This?

extract published on June 12, 2013.

Oliver Reed may not have been Britain’s biggest film star – for a period in the early 70s he came within a hairsbreadth of replacing Sean Connery as James Bond – but he is an august member of that small band of people, like George Best and Eric Morecambe, who transcended their chosen medium, became too big for it even, and grew into cultural icons.

For the first time Reed’s close family has agreed to collaborate on a project about the man himself. The result is a fascinating new insight into a man seen by many as merely a brawling, boozing hellraiser. And yet he was so much more than this. For behind that image, which all too often he played up to in public, was a vastly complex individual, a man of deep passions and loyalty but also deep-rooted vulnerability and insecurities. Why was a proud, patriotic, intelligent, successful and erudite man so obsessed about proving himself to others, time and time again?

Although the Reed myth is of Homeric proportions, he remains a national treasure and somewhat peculiar icon.


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An extract from On Heaven and Earth, by Jorge Mario Bergoglio

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