The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia

review published on January 22, 2014. Reviewed by Erin Britton

Hunson Abadeer (aka Lord of Evil, aka the Nameless One, whose unnameableness makes the junk mail of eternity undeliverable) has kindly compiled, written and painstakingly edited this priceless, brilliant and ineffable Encyclopaedia of the Land of Ooo. Drawing on all of his most evil and nefarious knowledge (as well as being aided by some totes radical handwritten marginalia by Finn, Jake and Marceline), Abadeer offers his startlingly illuminating and not at all biased insight into the inhabitants, lore, spells and ancient crypt warnings of the Land of Ooo circa 19.56 BGE to 501 AGE.

The first book of awesomeness in the Encyclopaedia critiques those worthless inhabitants of the Land of Ooo whose souls the most marvellously benevolent Lord of Evil refrains from sucking out in deference to his daughter. There are detailed entries (including myths, legends and press releases) for Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Ice King, Lady Rainicorn and Lumpy Space Princess. Ice King most clearly wins the award for most tragic bummer of an origin story.

There follows in book two some pages devoted to the lowerarchy of utterly insignificant inhabitants of the Land of Ooo, all of whom the Lord of Evil yearns to destroy. Although these despicable creatures are most certainly beneath the contempt of the most EVIL of Evil Lords, Abadeer has promised that this Encyclopaedia will offer a comprehensive survey of all things Ooovian and so has amassed the required information through a combination of evil psychic resonance, spy networks and other shadowy sources. The likenesses of the multifarious Ooovians are Technicolor triumphs and the biographical sketches are true masterpieces of minutia. The Brief Glossary of Most Hated Princesses of Ooo would prove particularly useful in instances of Ice King marriage emergencies.

The rest of the Encyclopaedia contains such needful items as: Ice King’s incredibly pathetic little homemade fanzine and trading cards, BMO Instructional Pamphlet and User Guide, Princess Bubblegum’s Official Travel Guide to the Candy Kingdom and Beyond (NB: everything is edible but you can’t eat anything that talks), Marceline’s Travel Blog for Demon Backpackers, and the Lost Texts of Ooo. It might not tell you anything you want to know about Adventure Time but the Encyclopaedia will certainly tell you more than you ever wanted to know about life and life forms in Ooo.

This is absolutely the most utterly awesomely useful guidebook to the Land of Ooo that I have ever encountered. Mathematical!


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